Don’t get too close I'm sorry but everything might fall apart it’s a little silly but it’s the only way to have things stay together I'm sorry it’s what’s around and its shiny and light and rigid and it looks nice like my macbook and a mall and it’s what’s around and I can see through it you just can’t get too close it’s a little silly but when you’re up you just try to forget what you can’t help and grasp what you can see and I try I guess not to look down or too close around and be happy and free

 If some are falling and some are the ground how do we meet and not crash how do I land gently and do I have to stay there to land or can I take off again can I fly I guess not but I’m scared of the ground and I have heavy feet and make marks where I land maybe I'll stay up here and just throw things down or lower them on long strings thats even better maybe I could pull them back up too no marks or is that selfish should ︎

I leave them down or do they make craters where they land or do they make creatures that crawl on their bellies  and live in ways I don’t know maybe helping the land or maybe eating everything they see I hope they're helping I wish I knew but everything is so loud up here 

yes ma’am projects

 There are those that fall around me I see them but are there people below all of the way down or just layers of falling some feeling flying but for me the pit of my stomach can’t lie and I know I'm moving down its just a matter of time I think but is that what my ancestors said too have others reached where they fall towards already and is it death or relaxation or hard work and rewarding like the end of candide where they escape all of their angst by shoving their hands deep into dark soil


lvl 3


 The version of coming down I like best is where miss the ground and fall right through where I'm small enough to see all the space between things as I finally get closer and instead of being solid like I thought theres all this ︎
 space and instead of hitting I fit right through and fall smaller and smaller and new spaces open up and I'm still just falling but now theres all these things falling with me and past me and I fall but I'm not alone anymore but I’m still falling too no marks no mess no threat ︎

lvl 3


 A fall toward objects without reservation, towards a materiality in the form of enjoyment or lived experience (Laruelle). While falling things may sense that they are people (Steyerl), bodies falling may not be bodies. Their feet cease to exist (McLuhan). Satellites in orbit are always falling, constantly missing what they fall towards. Thousands of falling feeling things looking down with lenses felt as eyes.

 The merging of movement, the movement of the apparatus, the movement of the hand, the moving subject to better see the moving object. A calculated flight falters with its recording, frustrated with the hand for its imperfect use of the recording apparatus, nervous that its carefully constructed navigation of space won’t be properly translated. It feels itself sufficient, dislikes being a part of something troubled by the concept of sufficiency, attempting to contain “an absence of its own sufficiency.” (Laruelle again)

 Collecting data without organization, or a particular organization that doesn’t allow for understanding, or a different understanding that creates a new organization, or a wild organization that negates information, or a perfect plan that leads to broad understanding.

  An insufficient photo, a failure in movement. Distractions along the way, the hand trying to follow a route it knows from a different vantage point, remembers more through an initial recording, not a searching through representation. Trying to fall out of the plane, or onto the plane perhaps, desire towards a surface.