A fall toward objects without reservation, towards a materiality in the form of enjoyment or lived experience (Laruelle). While falling things may sense that they are people (Steyerl), bodies falling may not be bodies. Their feet cease to exist (McLuhan). Satellites in orbit are always falling, constantly missing what they fall towards. Thousands of falling feeling things looking down with lenses felt as eyes.

 The merging of movement, the movement of the apparatus, the movement of the hand, the moving subject to better see the moving object. A calculated flight falters with its recording, frustrated with the hand for its imperfect use of the recording apparatus, nervous that its carefully constructed navigation of space won’t be properly translated. It feels itself sufficient, dislikes being a part of something troubled by the concept of sufficiency, attempting to contain “an absence of its own sufficiency.” (Laruelle again)

 Collecting data without organization, or a particular organization that doesn’t allow for understanding, or a different understanding that creates a new organization, or a wild organization that negates information, or a perfect plan that leads to broad understanding.

  An insufficient photo, a failure in movement. Distractions along the way, the hand trying to follow a route it knows from a different vantage point, remembers more through an initial recording, not a searching through representation. Trying to fall out of the plane, or onto the plane perhaps, desire towards a surface.